Ishinomaki's Future
A place where everyone will want to come to

Hikari Kato | 2nd year, Ishinomaki Kobunkan High School
Momoka Saito | 3rd year, Hebita Junior High School

Hopes and Dreams on the School Bus

Ishinomaki's Future

A lively place where people greet each other cheerfully, a place of good manners and people helping each other.

2. Safe
A place where people reach out in kindness to others, whoever they are.

3. Resilient Against Disaster.
No longer a disaster zone, but rather a place that has overcome disaster.

The theme for the third edition of the Ishinomaki Children's Newspaper is 'The Future'. There is yesterday, there is today and there is tomorrow. And after tomorrow is the future, what we are heading towards. But how far into the future are we talking about? We settled on ten years. So, we began a discussion with Ishinomaki 2.0, with everyone contributing their viewpoints concerning Ishinomaki in 10 years time, a 'lets create our future' training camp.

Also, along with Toyota Motor Company, ideas concerning 'Making Things for the Future' were being talked about. On a field trip to Toyota Motor East Japan Inc. Miyagi factory – in Myagi Prefecture's Ohira village - we ended up thinking on the idea of 'The Car that Drives us into Ishinomaki's Future.'

We, the children reporters considered that we would want the Ishinomaki of 10 years in the future, to be a place where everyone would want to come. In order for that to happen, what kind of Ishinomaki would it be good to make? We came up with 3 main ideas.

First, we want a peaceful, relaxed Ishinomaki, a place where people cheerfully greet each other and where neighbourhood exchanges and local communication are full of vitality, but more than that, where the relationships that have been built up, are relationships of trust.

Secondly, in building up these relations of trust in our area, we will see arguments and violence lessen. Ishinomaki will be seen as a gentle, kind place where people reach out to others, no matter who they are. We want a safe Ishinomaki.

And finally, not only a kind place but also a strong place, we want to realise an Ishinomaki which has moved on from North East Japan's Great Earthquake, an Ishinomaki which is resilient against disaster.