Interview with Dr. Kenichiro Ogura, Ogatsu Clinic

Written by the children of Ogatsu Academy
Photo by Hiroto Chiba | 2nd year, Higashi Matsushima High School

Interview with Dr. Kenichiro Ogura, Ogatsu Clinic

Dr. Kenichiro Ogura lives in Nakaura in Ishinomaki, one of the places hit hard by the tsunami. It's quite far to Ogatsu, so he commutes everyday by car. Before the earthquake, he lived in Kobe. While trying to think of something he could do to help, Dr. Ogura visited Miyage prefecture and discovered there was no clinic there. When he saw the people of Ogatsu suffering, he decided to move there. After he moved, he thought to himself “Ogatsu is such a beautiful place. Now there's nothing here, yet the people are incredibly warm.” He loves the scenery, particularly the views from Suzume Island.

Dr. Ogura decided to set up Ogatsu clinic as the old hospital was damaged beyond repair by the tsunami. It was a challenge to set up a clinic in an unfamiliar town. He's a physician, but also specialises in orthopaedics. He became a doctor because he wanted to help people and because he'd never have to retire. He's glad he became a doctor because it means he can work anywhere.

Ogatsu clinic is open from 8:30am until 5:00pm, and breaks for lunch from midday to 1pm. The clinic is open on weekdays, and closed Saturdays and holidays. Dr. Ogura works about eight and a half hours a day. He works with 5 nurses and an office manager, meaning there are 7 staff in total. The clinic has about 20 patients a day, most of whom live in Ogatsu, but people occasionally come from Iinokawa, Irikamaya and Monou. In the future, Dr. Ogura would like to plant more trees to return the town to its former beauty. His message to the children of Ishinomaki is “Let's all work together to redevelop our town.”

Ogatsu Clinic website: http://ogatsusinryojo.wordpress.com

Caption: The things he likes best in Ogatsu are “wakame seaweed” and “the beautiful plum blossoms”

Caption: Ogatsu is an area of outstanding natural beauty