We are looking for Children's Newspaper reporters. If you are a primary, junior high school or high school student living in the Ishinomaki area (including Ishinomaki city, Onagawa-cho and Higashimatsushima city) and you are enthusiastic about reporting on life in Ishinomaki now, please get in contact with us.

Mail: |Telephone: 090-6493-6423 (Ota)

Looking for volunteers!

We are looking for volunteers who provide ongoing support for our child reporters’ reporting activities, as well as to help out at workshops held every Saturday. Want to work with our child reporters in the publishing of the daily Ishinomaki Children’s Newspaper? If so, please

Looking for Daddy-Long-Legs!

We are also recruiting ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’, benefactors who are prepared to give the gift of a ‘wonderful experience’ to children in the Ishinomaki area. Bring the warmth of your feeling to the children of Ishinomaki.