Organisation Profile

Name: Kids Media Station General Incorporated Association
Address: 202, Oura Building, 5-3-47 Kamisugi, Aoba-ku, City of Sendai, 980-0011
Date of Incorporation: 01/12/2012
Representative Director: Michiko Ota
Directors: Seiji Kumagai, Atsushi Kadowaki

Objective: Our aim is to develop children’s creativity and communication skill and help creating opportunities of sending messages, for children who experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 11, 2011.

Areas of activity
1.Development of young reporters.
2.Projects supporting the publication of young reporters’ works.
3.Planning and management of workshops and various events.
4.Public relations and sales activities for the output from the workshops and various events.
5.Planning, management and outsourcing for the support of children.
6.Other activities necessary to achieve the purposes of the organisation.


The three wings of the logo symbolise children’s creative, expressive and communicative powers taking flight into the future. The colour of the logo, red, represents the source of life on Earth, the Sun.
Designer: Risa Komuro, 2012 graduate of Nakata Senhiko Design Lab, University of Miyagi

Kids Media Station