What is the Ishinomaki Children’s Newspaper?

The Ishinomaki Children’s Newspaper (Ishinomaki Hibi Kodomo Shinbun) is a newspaper reporting on Ishinomaki today, written by the children of the town. It is produced in collaboration with the Ishinomaki Daily Newspaper (Ishinomaki Hibi Shinbun), and is printed using the same methods and format, on the same rotary press. The first issue was launched on 11th March 2012, the first anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami. The magazine is produced quarterly, with a circulation of 20,000 copies (40,000 copies since June 2013). The children’s newspaper is delivered to the people of Ishinomaki together with the Ishinomaki Daily Newspaper, and copies are also delivered to supporters of the young journalists elsewhere.

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