Girl Spies ☆ Ishino Maki

Hinako Kimura, 2nd Grade, Kadonowaki Junior High School
“Girl Spies ☆ Ishino Maki” tells the story of a group of ordinary girls becoming spies to rescue Ishinomaki from evil...>>>more

Expressing Earthquake Disaster by Calligraphy
We cannot forget the shock of that day…

Rinne Muramatsu, 6th Grade, Okaido Elementary School (Photograph: Chiba Hiroto, 3rd Grade, Higashi-Matsushima High School)
The piece “Resilience” by Chiba Sougen, a calligrapher born in Ishinomaki, is being exhibited in the Ishinomaki Newsee...>>>more

Ms. Takagi’s Two Great Earthquake

Yuka Kajimoto, 3rd Grade, Sakuradai Elementary School
Hirono Kajimoto, 5th Grade, Sakuradai Elementary School
Azuna Tahara, 3rd Grade, Sakuradai Elementary School Chiyu Nakasono, 5th Grade, Sakuradai Elementary School
Kazuha Kashigi, 4th Grade, Itami Hope Church School
Amina Kasamatsu, 4th Grade Itami Elementary School
Reo Hirotani, 5th Grade, Itami Elementary School

Noriko Takagi was born in Futoyonaka city, Osaka Prefecture. She experienced both the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake (January 17, 1996) and the Great East Japan Earthquake (March 11, 2011)...>>>more

IT x Innovation x Business x Study x Play

Ren Yaegashi, 6 th Grade, Sumiyoshi Elementary School
Ishinomaki is Takayuki Furuyama's hometown. Following graduation from high school, Furuyama failed to find the job he wanted in Ishinomaki..>>>more

Healthy Trees for Green Ishinomaki!
Tree surgeon Kita’s struggle

Rinne Muramatsu, 6 th Grade, Okaido Elementary School
Kita Tomoyasu works as a tree surgeon, a type of tree doctor. He does things like dig holes to check whether the roots are healthy...>>>more

The Youths of Ishinomaki – Looking at the World

Hiroto Chiba, 3rd Grade, Higashimatsushima High School
On October 9, the chartered ship "Ocean Dream", which set sail from Yokohama harbor on July 18, arrived in Ishinomaki harbor...>>>more

The unforgettable starry sky of the March 11

Hiroki Matsubayashi, 6th Grade, Hebita Elementary school
I interviewed Muneyuki Satou, singer, at the Miyagi Television main studio in Sendai...>>>more

Let’s look ahead and move forward!

Riko Sakai, 5th Grade, Kadonowaki Elementary School
On the day of the interview, there was a concert on at the Ishinomaki General Gymnasium, and afterwards Yutaka Sado took time for us...>>>more

Let's conduct all over the world!

Rinne Muramatsu, 6th Grade, Okaido Elementary School
Kurumi Hasegawa, 3rd Grade, Ishinomaki Commercial High School

On June 10, 2013 we interviewed Hirotada Ototake, an author, who came to visit Higashimatsushima for a lecture...>>>more

Ishinomaki aiming to be world’s greatest town
“Building the Future for children” Forum |Building the future alongside our dreams

Maiko Kawai, 3rd Grade, Ishiomaki Nishi High School
Kurumi Hasegawa, 3rd Grade, Ishinomaki Commercial High School

On August 3, 2013, the Forum ”Building the Future for children,” an event organized by the Ishinomaki City Education Committee, was held in the Monou Public Hall...>>>more

Kinkasan of the Future

Manaka Ono,4th Grade, Kama Elementary School
Hina Kikuta, 5th Grade, Kama Elementary School
Honoka Yamada, 4th Grade, Kama Elementary School
Yuika Yamada, 1st Grade, Kama Elementary School

More than 1200 years ago, Emperor Shomu was searching for gold in order to build a great Buddha statue in Nara. However, at that time, gold had not been discovered in Japan..>>>more

Takayuki Atsumi of Yagawa
Thank you for the delicious “sea squirts”

Riko Yamaguchi,4th Grade & Aoi Yamaguchi, 2nd Grade, Yamashita Elementary School
Mr. Atsumi was born on 2 September 1982, which makes him 30 years old. He was inspired to become a fisherman by the father of his friend..>>>more

Going from Ishinomaki to the world from here on as well
The Japan Foundation translation project for British residents

Momoka Saitou, 1st Grade, Sendai Ikuei Gakuem High School
On March 10, 2013, the Japan Foundation London inaugurated the Ishinomaki Hibi Kodomo Shimbun Translation Project...>>>more

I want to play at the seaside!

Manaka Take, 1st Grade, Higashimatsushima High School
Hiyori Art Centre is a place where artists stay for about a month to create and show their work as well as set up workshops...>>>more

The Artist’s Way in Hiyori Art Centre

Ren Yaegashi , 6th grade, Sumiyoshi Elementary School
Hiyori Art Centre is a place where artists stay for about a month to create and show their work as well as set up workshops...>>>more

Welcome to Ishinomori Manga Museum

Keisuke Sakai, 1st Grade & Riko Sakai, 5th Grade, Kadonowaki Elementary School
The Ishinomori Manga Museum reopened on the March 23, 2013. An exhibition of “Sea Jetter Kaito” is being held until the 30th March....>>>more

The water’s here! It’s here! The water’s here!!!
Thank you for everyone from Hokkaido to Kumamoto for coming by water tunkers

Riko Sakai| 4th year, Kadonowaki Elementary School
The Hebita Purification Plant can produce enough water to fill 135 25-meter swimming pools and sends water to Ishinomaki and Higashi Matsushima area...>>>more

Interview with Dr. Kenichiro Ogura, Ogatsu Clinic

Written by the children of Ogatsu Academy
Photo by Hiroto Chiba | 2nd year, Higashi Matsushima High School

Dr. Kenichiro Ogura lives in Nakaura in Ishinomaki, one of the places hit hard by the tsunami. It's quite far to Ogatsu, so he commutes everyday by car...>>>more

Shining the Light of Recovery
The ‘El Faro’ Trailer Hotel

Hinako Kimura | 1st year, Kadonowaki Junior High School
Shimizu Village in Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture, was engulfed by an 18m-high tsunami at the time of the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Disaster of 11th March 2011...>>>more

We love school meals.

Manaka Ono and Honoka Yamada| 3rd year, Kama Elementary School
The Ishinomaki West school meals centre is located in Higashi Matsushima city, in a building built in 1979...>>>more

Sunset in Ishinomaki

Hinako Kimura | 1st grade, Kadonowaki Junior High School
Photo by Hinako Kimura

This year I became a student at Kadonowaki Junior High School...>>>more

Japan’s hard-working mothers

Momoka Saito| 3rd year, Hebita Junior High School
Before the earthquake about 800 foreigners lived in Ishinomaki, but that number has fallen significantly since the earthquake...>>>more

Hopes and Dreams on the School Bus

Kazu Ohshima and Hinako Kimura |1st year, Kadonowaki Junior High School
Ordinarily a school bus is used by school children from the same school...>>>more

Ishinomaki's Future
A place where everyone will want to come to

Hikari Kato | 2nd year, Ishinomaki Kobunkan High School
Momoka Saito | 3rd year, Hebita Junior High School
The theme for the third edition of the Ishinomaki Children's Newspaper is 'The Future'...>>>more

Mr. Lee’s feeling about the 11th March disaster
What is equality?

Momoka Saito| 3rd year, Hebita Junior High School
Photo by Hiroto Chiba 2nd year, Higashimatsushima High School

We had an interview with Mr.Lee, Dong-Hoon, who teaches Marketing at the Business School in Ishinomaki Senshu University...>>>more

Owl art on temporary housing
Let's spread our wings and not give in to the earthquake

Manaka Take | 3rd year Sumiyoshi Junior High School
Photo by Hiroto Chiba | 2nd year Higashi Matsushima High School

I am interested in art. I would like anyone in the world to know about the people of Ishinomaki who are inspiring through art...>>>more

The Disaster as Seen by the ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers)
Interview with teachers Kyle and Catherine

Momoka Saito | 2nd year, Hebita Junior High School
Turning our attention form the Japanese, how did foreigners cope with this disaster?...>>>more

Certificates of Appreciation from the children reporters at Ishinomaki Children's Newspaper

We would like to present these Certificates of Appreciation to those mentioned below through the Ishinomaki Children's Newspaper...>>>more

62 Children's Gratitude --- How 62 year six students of Okaido Elementary School weren't beaten by the earthquake.

Kazu Oshima and Hinako Kimura | 6th year, Okaido Elementary School
62 Year 6 students were evacuated with about 1200 other local people and had to spend a week in an isolated primary school...>>>more

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